Winter School - 2019

ICFOSS, in collaboration with Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL)  is planning to conduct Winter School for Women on Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Machine Learning (ML) as an initiative to improve women participation in FOSS communities. Winter School is a part of our effort to improve technical capability and understanding of free software. ICFOSS expects to mould women champions for free software through this process.

The goal is to organize a 10-day long women winter school intended for Post Graduate students, Research scholars, Faculty and Professionals from industry. The school shall focus to provide hands-on experience to boost the capability and potential of the participants.

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ICFOSS aspire to make this a national event and intend to invite national as well as local prominent  speakers fit   for the  mission.

At  least  25%  of the resource  persons  for  the  programme shall  be women.  The number of  participants is limited to  40,  thus

allowing  them  to acquire individualized  attention from the  mentors. Participants  are assigned  with projects in advance, to  be

presented  out by  them at the end of the event.  A session on free software awareness and gender issues in technology has  also

been  included  as part  of  the   programme.  The winter  school  also  focuses  on  developing  confidence   and  creativity  of the


Target Audience

The School is open to women who are PG Students, Research Scholars, Faculty Members or professionals from industry.

Application Process

Interested candidates should submit the application, via online . The resume  of  the applicant  together  with a project  proposal

related to NLP must be attached with  the application. The  programme  committee will oversee the selection procedure and the

final list of participants will be  published  by the end of December. The  selected  participants    may pay the registration fee  via

online as per the information provided in the confirmation mail.


 Registration Fees

Research Scholars/PG Students






*The fees covers the lectures, food and accomodation of the participants.
* PG students can access an option of fee reduction in the above mentioned fee structure for participating in the winter school.
You may please contact us at for the same, and we will consider your request as per the norms.

Programme Committee 

  • Dr. Jayasankar Prasad C - Patron

  • Dr. Rajeev R R - Chair

  • Mr. Arun M - Co-chair

  • Mr. Sreekumar B

  • Mr. Srinivasan R

  • Mr. Jaidev G

  • Mr. Sampath Kumar R

Organizing Committee 

  • Jincy Baby -- Chair

  • Anjali G -- Co-Chair

  • Umamahesh R

  • Hasiya Noohu

  • Mercy D'cruze

  • Dhanya L K

  • Anzi A S

  • Revathi S Nair

  • Niji G S

  • Anju R C

  • Reshma M M

  • Seema U

  • Deepthi J Patrick

  • Anupa Ann Joseph

  • Keerthana Ashok

  • Sandhini S